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I can see the bunny
Username: Barbarella
First Visit: Feb 14, 2001
Last Visit: Thu, Oct 8, 2009, 10:40pm
About You:OK - time to revise this a bit. Those of you who have read my profile before know that I am the assistant manager of CD Plus at the Orillia Square Mall. That's a record store, by the way. Stephen Fearing's voluntary publicist/head cheerleader, future webinatrix and ass-kicker to The Supers. :)

I've been a big fan of Fruvous since Bargainville first came out but hadn't seen them live until the Mariposa Folk Festival in July of 2000. I don't know why it took me so long to take in a show since I've loved them for so long. I distinctly remember thinking at one time, that I could never fail to have respect for a band that could work the word 'plethora' into a song. Well, I intend to make up for lost time on the concert scene in the future.

My musical interests include (but definitely not limited to) - Fruvous (naturally), The Supers, Stephen Fearing/Blackie and the Rodeo Kings, Dar Williams, Sarah Harmer, Bruce Cockburn, Leonard Cohen, Willie P. Bennett, Elvis Costello, David Bowie, The Beatles, Danny Michel, R.E.M., Martina Sorbara, Joel Morelli, Sarah Slean, Roxy Music, Great Big Sea, Jeff Healey Band, April Verch, Natalie MacMaster, Queen, The Alan Parsons Project, Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot (hometown boy - my Dad went to school with him!), Hotel Faux Pas (yay Brian!!), Eddie From Ohio, The Nields, Professor Plum, The Bruce James Orchestra, Bee Gees, Paul Simon and (don't you dare laugh at this) Barry Manilow.

I am also an eclectic pagan (that's a religion, not like a band name or something - although it would make a cool band name too). The most asked question I get on this subject is, "does that mean you are a witch?" Well, sort of. I will say this on the subject -- every witch is a pagan but not every pagan is a witch. Clarity is highly over-rated - dwell on it for a while. But if you have any questions on the subject - just let me know. Always happy to answer them. :)

I love to read - right now I am stuck on reading a lot of historical novels (I joined the Folio Society in London, England!) Reading materials include a lot of stuff on ancient history, Spanish Inquistion, some fantasy/adventure and lots of poetry. Some of my favourite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Dion Fortune, Phyllis Currott, Wade Davis (an ethnobotanist), Marion Zimmer Bradley, L.M. Montgomery, Steven Leacock, Anne McCaffery, Robert Fulghum and Silver RavenHawk. Also loved Naomi Klein's book "No Logo"!!!

My secret identity - Anita Mandalay (Bond girl in disguise) :-)

I'm the High Priestess of the Church of Graham, First Apostle of Talcottism and Ellen's Evil Minion #2

*** I have 2010 Ellenpoints!!! ***
*** I have 2000 Shellypoints! ***
*** I have 5000 Gordonpoints!!! ***
*** I have 3 Lacypoints ***

If you want to message me - my ICQ # is 99459292 (just let me know who you are!)
MSN Messenger is [email protected]
My AIM name is Mariposaland (yes, I surrendered and downloaded yet another instant messenger.)

My Yahoo group for Canadian singer/songwriter Stephen Fearing is up and running. Go sign up!

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