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Birki Bazulious
Username: Bazulious
First Visit: Sep 4, 2004
Last Visit: Wed, Sep 8, 2004, 9:10pm
Location:Sanford, Maine
About You:An oddity even among individuals, I tend to either stick out to the max or never be noticed. I'm a man of Extremities - there's not much about me that exists in gray areas. I'm a 24 year old straight edge with a highly empathic nature, a love of laughter, and cursed with a high IQ. Yeah...I'm a geek. At least I'm not a wimpy one, though...Spent a lot of time as a carpenter growing up and can fix or build just about anything. I'm currently a preliminary designer/customer service rep for Wood Structures Inc...I do preliminary engineering and designing of roof and floor systems for houses. I also spec out beams for headers and girts for houses and give advice to actual engineers who know nothing of engineered wood flooring and roofing systems. Pretty cool, eh? Been an active listener of Fr�vous since '97, and spreading their gospel since '98. I'm an out-of-group Barbershopper and listen to just about everything except that crap called country, that noise known as Techno, and that banging that's most appropriately named Heavy Metal.


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