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Nik Chaikin
Username: Deep_Blue
First Visit: Jul 2, 2003
Last Visit: Tue, Mar 14, 2017, 6:07am
Location:Columbia, Maryland
About You:I ws bored and decided to finaly update this thing, so to all my fans who I'm sure have been waiting on the edge of their seats, this is for you. I'm a geek, not in the chicken head eating sense, but rather the socialy awkward RPG M:tG, anime sense. I hope to one day be an actor who deosn't have to bus tables. I suppose i should put something in here about what started my obsession with the fru. I heard KoS on a friends computer, and it wasn't long before i got my grubby little hands on Live Noise. That was all it took.


From left/bottom, mydad, my mom, my sister, me.Me and Chuck. [chuck is the big one(duh)]MorganAt my favorite deli in NYC, Katz's
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