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Basic Information

Devon Sitaras
Username: FearOfPop
First Visit: Jun 25, 2000
Location:Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
About You:What is there to tell about me? Well, how I got into Fruvous is a simple story, but kinda funny. I was at a message board for my other favorite band (Ben Folds Five) and I saw a subject that read "Once I was the king of Spain..." Since I don't see subjects with that title every day, I had to read it. The post was made by a BFF/Fruvous fan and asked, "Is anyone here into Moxy Fruvous?" I had no idea who they were at the time, so I searched them out on the Net. I read some reviews, heard some clips, and the rest, as they say, is history. I can't even remember when that was (long enough ago for me to acquire all of their albums). Sadly, I have yet to see them in concert, but I do hope that this will change soon! My other musical likes include Ben Folds Five (of course), Fleming and John, DMB, Belle and Sebastian, the cranberries, Bree Sharp, and Owsley.

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