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Username: Heyheynow
First Visit: Mar 25, 2001
Last Visit: Fri, May 7, 2004, 9:37am
About You:I love anything and everything. I'm currently working on a list with everything I want to do in life and hopefully I'll be able to check off everything on that list. I want to ride a motorcycle and swim with dolphins and know all the stars like casiopia and the like. My interests right now are any kind of music from classical (i did piano stuff and hope to learn to play it one day) to rock to ska to moxy fruvous ;) and whatever. I love music. Um. I like swimming and asian stuff and animals and helping people. I'm going into nursing woo hoo. But my real dream is to go into forensics one day b/c i don't know-it's interesting. Oh! and I like organizing supplies.. I organize when I am stressed - ha! Well, I have to go write 5 papers for philosophy and study for a final - all for tomorrow (I'm a procrastinator and it's my birthday :( oh well that's life)


Aren't I cute? *giggle*
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