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Username: Irv
First Visit: Feb 11, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Oct 3, 2019, 8:58pm
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia
About You:I am Renita aka Hester TM I am also Julie's very own newest Roadie for her band Dusty Shoes Blues Band :)
And I am *RandomRenita* as coined by Jaci, now bite yer tongue dear, or I will ;)

Damn the Man and Damn his Eyes! Although my recent return to school rather gets in the way of much of my slacking I'm still often here, on the wall - or FruMing Frantically as much as possible so say hi! Despite reports to the contrary I am quite pleasant (most of the time)
oh and also - it's *reallY* all about me :) I couldn't pass up this band wagon ;)

and I have 50 jaci points.. I think I have some from before.. but now I'm keeping track ;)

I also have 50 Andrea points

and 100 Susie points :) and 100 carey points...

and Gordonpoints aplenty.. starting from now... 24,290 *grin* that's because I *swooned* IRL at the con *nods* and made the longest distance phone call to him while he was ill.

And I have claimed a new mom. JanMom, hugs and love :) now I have a parent on the East coast of the U.S. too :)


Me and Sparky - Whatever happened to you?beasithingCon 5 Gella n MeMe and my Michael *grin*
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