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Username: JuicyFru
First Visit: Oct 17, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Jan 25, 2024, 5:03pm
Location:Castro Valley, California
About You:This morning I listend to "Wood" in my car, thinking, "Man, this is good!" I began to careen as I sang to "Tureen" and a jogger bounced right off my hood! A- this fruvous new years i was in a trance after too many drinks - watch me dance! i had something fizzy it made me quite dizzy and i fell into *somebody's* pants! J- Anna cranked up the party a notch drank some bourbon, tequila, & scotch and to clear misconception 'bout the someone in question did a faceplant in poor Jian's crotch A- jonathan is asking for trouble you would think that he lived in a bubble my embarrasing secret he'll be sorry he leaked it i just might toss his ass in a puddle! this whole mess sounds so sordid and queer for the true story just listen here: i was as drunk as all hell onto jian i fell next time i will pass on the beer. J- Anna's limericks deserve admiration and I'm glad that she's learned moderation on the beer going easy will make her less queasy and avoid future fruvous prostration Anna's escapades prove quite the muse and most drunkenness she now eschews still, her actions spawn envy but i don't think they can be completely explained by the booze! Anna warns of the evils of drink and says "next time you frutrip just think... that a facefull of lap of that fruvousy chap wasn't nearly as nice as you'd think!"


peace man!Wally a runnin'I guess I need a SP me...Wally y Mollie
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