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Username: MoonPoet69
First Visit: Nov 2, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Aug 7, 2001, 5:46pm
Location:Fredonia, New York
About You:Hello all! My name's Jill Ellis and I'm a Fruhead from Rochester, NY. I am currently attending Fredonia State University as a Music Therapy major. If you watch really closly you can see me in the Sad Girl music video. I am wearing short sleeves, have curly hair, and was wearing black and white shoes. It's my .25 seconds of fame. :) If you look at my picture from the Fredonia Fredfest Show I am the one in the green eggs and ham Tank top, second from the right next to Jian. I am a big canadian band fan and adore the great music that Moxy Fruvous puts out - from the serious "Horseshoes", "Fly" and "Hold On", to the accapella "I Love my Boss", to the zanny and fun "King of Spain", "Video Barginville" and "Green Eggs and Ham" ! They're great guys on top of it all too! My other favorite bands include BNL, They might be Giants, Dave Matthews Band, Rusted Root and Tragically Hip. I work at KB Toys and the YMCA part time and am a full time student at Fredonia State. I also sing, play clarinet and Bass clarinet. As for sports I downhill ski, Jet Ski and knee board. I spend most of my time listening to one of the above bands, being with my wonderful boyfriend Steve ( or doing both.. he likes the same music) and attending concerts with my favorite concert goers Sarah, Sally and Amy Newhouse. I've met some great people at Fruvous concerts! True Fruheads are a blast to be around before the concerts! I've been to many a Fruvous Show, more then I can count, and made my pilgrimage to Frucon this year. (you may have seen me wearing a Kahki Fredonia Bucket Hat.) Hope to see you all soon!


Here's a pic of my suitemates and me from the Fredonia, NY FREDFEST show
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