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Whistlin' Ben Howard
Username: Slunchy
First Visit: Aug 14, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Dec 27, 2001, 5:09pm
Location:Cleveland, Ohio
About You:Hey Hombre! I guess I should start..... At the beginning. I grew up as a cabbage. but as I matured, they realized I was not a cabbage at all, but a normal human being. I too found it odd when they tried to boil me oh so many times. My hobbies are guessing cereal by the way it sounds when eaten, chucking cupcakes,and underwater basketweaving. The person I most admire is Dan Rather. His chin has powers. He spoke to me about how i will one day be a big people. And he told me about moxy fruvous, so I went out and got the b album and the wood cd, and thats how I learned to ski!


Can you open the vault of dreams?Ben, age 4Busterrod Geheheh... whoo!
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