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John K. Aeckerle
Username: ak101
First Visit: Feb 8, 2000
About You:I think I first heard, like many before me, the King of Spain, on Rochester's (NY) original rock alternative WBER. When I heard, "the Leafs called me up to drive the Zamboni" I was hooked. Since then, about a year or so ago, I've always wanted to see the band, but n'er had a chance, but would love to... I guess last year, there was a show in Providence, but I beleive that I had a prior engagement... funny, I don't remember what it was... Ironically, do you think I would've remembered had I gone to the show? Well, I'm tryin to finish up school at the Community College of Rhode Island, I graduate in May w/ an associates in Liberal Arts, hopefully w/ honors, whatever that means right... I play on the schools losing hockey team, but it's been a blast. I plan on continuing my education at SUNY Brockport, and moving back in w/ the "rents" I shall major in creative writing... yeah no shit! Thats what I like, and what I want to do, so better to take somthin in school that I'm interested in, rather that take somthing purely for pecuniary interests. Lets see, what else, I'm 23, um, I served 4 years in the military, and I've been out now for over a year, thank god! I don't think that I can encompass all the other music I'm into... I like everything. Rock, Punk, Country, Rap, Classical, Ska, Oldies, Karaoke... hehehe, I play guitar, and I sing in the shower, preferably Gulf War Song, Can I be a Fruhead now?


this is me on the left, circa. Nov. 98
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