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dirty life & times
Username: beetle
First Visit: Aug 30, 1999
Last Visit: Fri, Aug 16, 2013, 8:58pm
Location:Vancouver, British Columbia
About You:serious long time since i've updated, copious upheavals, change of surroundings, a vile betrayal, a shot at redemption...... some of that is true. as is some of the following. i no longer live in israel, after my tour of duty in the idf ended, i moved back to the us for school, but made sure to hit the right coast this time... [addendum: the next year i left the us again. one can have too much us.] i'm now in the pacific northwest, near the burgeoning fruhead sexpot community, doing my little art student thing on granville island. mostly i hermit, sometimes i talk. musical likes are way fluid, but since i got back i've been pushing the israel pop group Tea Packs down everyone's throat, so i'll contribute that one. My friend Gen tells me they have a fanclub in Japan! Which sorta surprises me & sorta... doesn't. oh, & the comic pages above are all from Cautionary Tales #1, collected & illustrated by me. frum me if you'd like to order your own copy :)


at school (spring 2004)tamar in her 2d & 3d, feminine & masculine aspectsfrom left: miriam, naomi, mama, tamar, daniel (lo these many years ago)slug dream
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