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Username: frujapan
First Visit: Aug 11, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Mar 26, 2003, 12:51am
Location:Liberty, Missouri
About You:My Fruvous life blossomed as my Canadian roommate in 12th grade opened my ears to Moxy Fruvous with "King of Spain," "Fell in Love," "Entropy," etc. The closest thing I would have to home would be Japan, since I've lived in Fukuoka Japan for about 10 years or so, but am currently in college at William Jewell College just outside of Kansas City, MO (where Fruvous has NOT been before--HINT HINT) My goal in life is to get a Fruvous song onto the radio in Missouri, because only 3 PEOPLE I KNOW HAVE EVER HEARD OF THEM IN THAT STATE. By the way, WHO READS THIS STUFF ANYWAY? I like Fruvous, the Bobs (California group not many in Missouri know), They Might Be Giants, Ben Folds Five, classical (especially classical guitar music like Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, and Angel Romero), celtic, african, and any other "good" music (meaning music that doesn't take me 20 seconds to learn on guitar). I think I've bored the readers enough and I'll stop now. May your Fruvous sound like yoghurt dallops on searing liquid. Wesley Johnson


Karaoka the REAL WAY Tetsuo and YuukiThe "Japanese" people of our college 1998-99 (I'm the skinny blonde guy if you hThis is me and the Japanese exchange students who I saw when I went back to JapaSophomore and Junior Year Exchange Students and moi gathered at our BRAND NEW Ha
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