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Cold Mewwonade
Username: gorangrhky
First Visit: Aug 29, 2000
Last Visit: Sun, May 16, 2004, 1:19am
Location:Merrick, New York
About You:I am a severe metal head--- which is odd, seeing as how I end up at Falcon Ridge every year. Truthfully, I appreciate anyone that can play music (which is why i can't stand rap and pop--- no real instruments) Interests...let's see...I play hockey- but only roller hockey. it's not a real sport, i know. But i play for Hofstra University. I got into Fruvous after my parents came back from FRFF 2000 with a bunch of their CDs. Other folkie people that I like are the obvious-- Eddie From Ohio, DaVinci's Notebook, Great Big Sea... Can't stand the Nields. Sounds like a rodent being gnawed at by a hyena mixed with a truck that hasn't had an oil change in 10,000 miles and squeaky brakes come to a quick stop. But that's just my opinion....


Only picture I have of hockey headshot
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