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Basic Information

Kimberly Corbett
Username: kecorbett
First Visit: Aug 10, 1999
Last Visit: Sat, Aug 11, 2001, 10:23pm
Location:Tuscaloosa, Alabama
About You:Um, do I get the most southern award? :-) I'm a English Education student at the University of Alabama. I am either reading a book (love Chaim Potok), listening to music, or on the Internet. Sometimes all at the same time. Or I'm writing a paper for one of my evil lit classes.... This happens often enough. I got into BNL about two years ago, and because of people always talking about Fruvous I ordered a cd. Now they're my favorite band. Someday I WILL see them live... If they ever come within ten hours of me... :-) And because of reading the newsgroup I've gotten into Great Big Sea, Eddie From Ohio and Dar Williams.

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