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Matty Weir
Username: mattyweir
First Visit: May 31, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Jun 26, 2003, 4:23pm
Location:Buffalo, New York
About You:I'm a Senior at Hobart College. I've lived in Buffalo since I was 8 yrs old. It was thorugh my sister that I got into Fruvous. My first show was New Years '95-'96 at The Tralf in Buffalo. since then I've gone to about 15 shows, known often as the guy with the beanie, while getting many other friends into the guys. I guess that my major bond with the band is singing covers of their songs with some friends of mine, dubbed "The Five Damn Sexy Men." The members were myself, Jack Mack, Matt Hartney, Josh Ehrenreich, and Geoff Siener. We're no match for the vocal stylings of Fruvous, but we like to think that we do them justice. The covers that we have performed include KoS, a capella Message, Drinking Song, Lazy Boy, Moon, I Will Hold On, Fly, I love My Boss, and Spiderman. Right now, I'm singing with the Hobartones here at school. Through this group, my influence has spread. The Hobartones have Message, Spiderman, and Green Eggs and Ham in their repetoire right now, all arranged by me. Its some fun stuff. I just wish I could see them in concert again...FruCon IV seems so long ago...which I guess it was.


the 5 damn sexy men...i'm the one wth the goatee
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