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pip kin
Username: pipkin
First Visit: Oct 17, 2001
Last Visit: Mon, Jul 29, 2002, 8:06pm
Location:Tri-Cities, Washington
About You:hey im mike the pipkin thing is just an inside joke from a long time ago ods ar if you see someone names pipkin or pipkin235 on a wedsite or IM service its probly me um, well i first found moxy fr�vous when i was downloading randome stuff on napster i found one of there songs thought the name looked interesting and DLed is and i loked it so i got alot more of there stuff i dont know anyone else who knows who moxy fr�vous is other than the small group of ppl who i have told and yeah i know i have really bad spelling so dont make fun of me ok well this is good enough for now if you really wana know somthing just ask me

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