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erica is so cold
Username: popproxx14
First Visit: Jan 30, 2000
Last Visit: Fri, Mar 11, 2005, 6:53pm
Location:Indianapolis, Indiana
About You:hmmm time for an update i think...well i am a junior at Ball State here in good ol' mucie indiana. i am a speech communication major. i may pick up a spanish minor ya know to make myself more marketable. and i am in like with a boy who is two hours away i am tring to learn to play the guitar so i can become a rock goddess. the people who inspire me are Mike Errico he is such a wonderful soul, my best friend Betsy she don't take nothing from nobody...ewww double negitive in a sentence about an english major! thats bad. oh well and who eles my persuasion prof Beth i want to be this women when i grow up she is sooo wicked cool...well only 3 more semesters until i graduate then west coast here i come!


choo choo bear the amazing melting catthis is me and Betsy right after the showThe Lads on Stage at Duncan Hall Lafayettethis is me betsy and jian (I'm in the dark blue shirt!)
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