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Klausi in Berkeley
Username: skystone
First Visit: Nov 23, 2001
Last Visit: Wed, Oct 2, 2013, 11:45pm
Location:Berkeley, California
About You:OK. Keine stumpfen deutschen S�tze mehr. No stupid German stuff in here any more. You REALLY want to know who I am? I am Klaus, a secondary school teacher who now runs the German International School in Berkeley, California. That's an amazing but time consuming job. And if you ask me what I do when I am not working: I love to cook all kinds of dishes (except fish, urgghh), I listen to music, I play violin and keyboards, sometimes I play soccer or x-country-golf, and I definitely love to drink BEER. Yeah. Any more questions? I'll answer your Fr�Messages... See you! Klausi


Young Klaus (6 years old)Just me...Also me, 2 years ago...
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