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Basic Information

Renee Migeot
Username: taboo2U
First Visit: Dec 4, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Nov 14, 2002, 7:51pm
Location:Pitman, New Jersey (work in progress)
About You:Greetings! I'm told I have a name like a movie star{but not the income of one}. I'm involved with a home based arti business (Festavius Creations: "Festavius" is the patron saint of drunken monks & artists) that produces beads, jewelry, light switchplates, custom designs, candle holders, etc. Musically, I have the following in my collection: The Association, Ben Folds Five, Celtic Music, Patsy Cline, Eurythmics, Funk Music, Arlo Guthrie, William Shatner, Steely Dan, Toad The Wet Sprocket, XTC... Literary-wise, my collection: Scotland: Myths & Legends, Truth In Comedy, Spike , Mike Slackers & Dykes, Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson. Other interests : Arthurian legends (Ren Fest Attendee), Simpsons cartoon, the supernatural & improv/comedy. Due to my sister's loud music volume, I was "introduced" to Moxy Fruvous courtesy of thin walls. She purchased a ticket as a Bday gift in '97 & I was hooked immediatley with their audience appreciation, wit & satire, politics, entertaining shows...what's not to love? I hope one day to make it back to Canada in the summer when I can handle the nice weather, & not for the Frucon during a Canadian February [no offense]. Am on the lookout for fellow Fruvians! Unite!


Renee @ Pitman's Annual Spring Fling craft sho. I'm "Vanna White-ing" in front
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