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Username: toplessfan
First Visit: Jun 5, 2002
Last Visit: Sun, Mar 30, 2003, 10:21pm
About You:hm...well obviously i love moxy fruvous. Im 16 years old I live in British Columbia Canada...i got into moxy at a venturer camp, they played the drinking song and everyone put their arms around each other and was pure magic...i've been hooked ever since..i like to hang out with my friends...i HATE school and i can't wait till its over. i like skiing i want to try snowboarding but i havent yet for some reason.. i don't work WAAAAAAAY to good for it. um.. i like to have water fights and going to the beach, i love renting movies and watching them till all hours of the night with my friends (who hate moxy.....errrr) thats about all i can think of.. Pillow fights in ur underwear are the best..the best part is the underwear..some say its the pillows but we all know how wrong they are... If a fat kid wears a yellow coat he is not pacman. if he wears a red coat he is not kool-aid either, and if he wears a brown jacket, make fun of him...thats so out of style.. Never critisize someone till you have walked a mile in their shoes, that way youre a mile away and you have their shoes. ICED CREAM!! THE BEST KIND OF CREAM! i have 5 count em 5!! shelly points!!


haha go troy!me again.troy being bashfulmy gorgeous bf troy
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