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Username: zilpha
First Visit: Sep 21, 1999
Last Visit: Mon, Jul 28, 2008, 5:39pm
Location:Standish, Maine
About You:ok, about me. Zilpha. something to fill this space... about my art: I am a “glaneuse”, a gleaner… In scrap heaps of abandoned or demolished buildings, alleyways and flea markets, I find rare treasure. Garbage. Remnants of wood and metal, books, boxes, old paintings, all that have been discarded are interesting to me. My work deals with obsolescence. Each “found” object has out-lived its time and has therefore been scrapped. Dead. I rescue and assemble them with collected items from my own past. I sense the object’s energy guiding its reincarnation to a higher purpose. Art. These artifacts that have chosen me, tell stories of where they have been, where I have been, where I am and where I am going. Stories of passion and anger, strength and weakness, love, hate and fear. Revealing me to me. a part of my art is more.. mainstreem to make a living. but I dont consider that to be my passion. i've sold out to the man. I am the man's bitch. I'm 27. yes, I'm a redhead and no, I wont sit on your lap. what is it with the redhead thing? my personality is somewhere between devilish and curmudgeonly... things I think rock socks:,,,,, ... well I'm an artist so lets fill some of this space with that: "Don't Dress for Dinner" dont dress for dinner boxes part of the self-portrait project: an experiment in the face of self-hate. untitled -------- part of the same project: "she hides in black and white" woods color morphed I like: the way the air smells just before it rains, when the pressure is dropping. I like: sushi. I like: simplicity. I love: creativity, escapism, meditating and james spader circa: Pretty in Pink. I hate: Rod Stewart, delta burke, I Can't Believe its Not Butter-spray, mosquitos and people who say, "expresso". "black Wire" wire black 2 what maine life was build on: my mill series. IMG_5433 and: wh14 I went to the university of southern maine for two years when I started to get sick. I stopped attending classes and just focused on getting better. its been almost 10 years and I'm still struggling. autoimmune illnesses, a disease or two, chronic pain, brain tumor causing debilitating migraines... blah blah. ask me if you want to know the whole sob story. publicity materials I've designed: "Rumors" romors "Tick, Tick... Boom!" no title no title I'm attending MassArt starting in the fall 2008 semester, yes I worry about being so much older than all the other freshman [I'm starting a new major] but I'm so happy just to be going! not that I havent had a lot of Art jobs in the past 10 years [I've had a LOT of showings and I'm auditing a class at the AI of chicago school]but I just want this, a degree, silly piece of paper, expensive paper, but I still want it. speaking of chicago: bean and buildings BAM! the bean has spoken. I do a lot of work for the Autism Society of Maine, its an issue close to my heart as my youngest brother has it. the proceeds of a lot of my commisions are sent directly to the autism soc or one of my other heart aches: the humane society, meals on wheels and the celiac disease society. some of my "Green Bottle" series: "panes" panes "tools in the life" tools in the life "Time" time society. while I'm trying to attain dissability status from the government I do some volunteer stuff and dont make an actual living with my art because I'm unnable to work enough to make ends meet. some weeks I do really well healthwise, but the next week I could be flat on my back because of the pain. I make do. me fuddling with the setting on my Cannon rebel: "Creative Glass Mill" creative glass "basilica color" cath detail w color dude, enough already, eh? so here are some things I think rock socks:,,,,, ...


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