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The last activity you ever expected...

   Discussion: The last activity you ever expected...
Doug Sheppard · 21 years, 8 months ago one that I'm not sure I will attend myself, but one that you may want to partake of, if you are a Political Sort.

If you are opposed to war in Iraq, and want to protest, there is an anti-war rally Saturday afternoon in Toronto. (It's one of many rallies planned around the world for February 15th.) It starts at Dundas Square (the corner of Yonge St. and Dundas St., just outside the Eaton Centre) at 1pm, and from there the protest will march past the American consulate to Metro Hall.

I'm not saying this because I have a firm opinion for or against an Iraq war. My own views could probably be summed up as "I really hope I don't end up needing to reluctantly support war, but I'm resigned to the possibility". I may or may not attend the march at all. I'll probably know for sure if I'm there or not at 12:59pm tomorrow afternoon. Maybe.

But if you're not a wishy-washy quasi-leftie like me, now you know about the last thing you probably ever expected to be able to do during a weekend in Toronto.

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