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The Following Tuesday

   Discussion: The Following Tuesday
Victoria · 19 years, 8 months ago

Any Fr�coners still going to be in town on Tuesday night (the twenty-second)?� If so, I highly recommend you drop by the Red Lion pub to see the Goulais River Rats.� These guys are rockin'tastic, and, I swear, with time, we'll all be planning RatTrips to follow them around.� There are four of them, they play largely folk-based music, they switch instruments (the banjo and accordion haven't made appearances at shows yet but they DO have them), they sing in four-part harmony, and they occaisionally make up songs.� Not that anyone around here likes that kind of thing, but you know.�

It's a really�nice, cozy venue (if�I recall correctly it's not terribly far from the hotel)�with really tasty calamari and French onion soup.� No cover charge, and we can teach you the Goulais River Rats drinking�game.�

Be warned: There will be many Toronto Wildlife Centre people there and we have a tendency to be super-rowdy at these things.� If you are very rowdy, our veterinary technician will probably take it as a personal challenge to be even rowdier.

Bender Back · 19 years, 8 months ago
Just to add to this, every Monday night there is an excellent improv show called Catch-23. It's been the launching pad for two fringe shows and one upcoming international tournament.

Drop me a message if you're interested... it's a $5 cover, and you'll get your money's worth and then some.
Doug Sheppard Back · 19 years, 8 months ago
But perhaps you are skeptical. You want proof. Five dollars is a lot of money. Why, that's slightly more than two rides on the TTC. Will it help if we point out that past Catch-23 players have made people say things like:

"Hey, isn't he that guy who was on the Second City mainstage?"
"Hey, isn't she that girl who was on the Second City mainstage?"
"Hey, isn't he that guy from that show on the CBC?"
"Hey, isn't he that guy from that show on CTV?"
"Hey, isn't he that guy from that show on Global?"
"Hey, isn't he that guy from that show on the Comedy Network?"
"Hey, isn't he that guy from that show on YTV?"
"Hey, wasn't she in that Lindsay Lohan movie Tina Fey wrote?"
"Hey, wasn't he in that movie about the two stoners and the burger chain?"
"Hey, didn't I see her win the Tim Sims award on a Comedy Network special?"
"Hey, weren't those other people also nominated for that award?"
"Weren't they featured in NOW?"

(The answers: yep, yeah, yes, yes, yes, absolutely, you bet, sure is, totally, yes, you sure did, and dozens of times at least.)

It's the best entertainment value in the city, and there's a bar.

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