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Strawberry Park Folk Music Festival

   Discussion: Strawberry Park Folk Music Festival
Gordondon son of Ethelred · 18 years ago
I can't go but look at this lineup.

Amphitheatre Stage Concerts 	Dance tent begins on Friday
5:30PM 	Kris Delmhorst 	  	 
6:45PM 	Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem 	  	 
8:30PM 	Crooked Still 	  	 

Amphitheatre Stage Concerts 	Dance Tent
12:15PM 	Orrin Star 	1:00PM 	Please & Thank You Contra Band
1:45PM 	The Kennedys 	2:30PM 	Swing Dance Workshop
3:15PM 	April Verch 	3:30PM 	Girl Howdy
4:45PM 	Mark Erelli 	5PM-6PM 	Dinner Break
6PM to 7PM 	Dinner Break 	6:00PM 	

Swing Dance Workshop
7:00 PM 	Slaid Cleaves 	7:00PM 	Girl Howdy
8:15PM 	Janis Ian 	9:00PM 	Notorious

Richie Havens 

Amphitheatre Stage Concerts 	Dance Tent
12:15PM 	The Nields  	Noon 	Swing Dance Workshop
1:45PM 	The Kennedys 	1:00PM 	The Peter Davis & Lise Brown Swing Band
3:15PM 	Jeffrey Foucault 	2:15PM 	Big Bandemonium
4:45PM 	Eliza Gilkyson 	3:45PM 	The Peter Davis & Lise Brown Swing Band
6:30-7:30PM 	Dinner Break 	5PM�6PM 	Dinner Break
7:30PM 	Tracy Grammer 	6:00PM 	

9:15PM 	Eddie from Ohio 	7:45PM 	Big Bandemonium
  	  	9:15PM 	Airdance

Amphitheatre Stage Concerts 	
11:00AM 	The Bluegrass Gospel Project 	11:00AM 	
12:30PM 	Jonathan Edwards 	12:30PM 	Lucy Kaplansky
3:00PM 	Eileen Ivers 	3:30PM 	

Sorry about the formatting problems. 

There are so many of my favorites there and so many that I know are the favorites of lots of you. 

Here is a link to their website Strawberry Park Folk Music Festival. It is in eastern Connecticut. 
J. Andrew World Back · 18 years ago
Wow, I wish I could go!

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