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auughh! my eyyyyeeees!!

   Discussion: auughh! my eyyyyeeees!!
emilie is CRANKY · 20 years ago

grammar/spelling whores.

we passed a chicken place�today. it had a professionally printed sign up. and the sign said:

Tennesse Express

!!! so, of course they don't know how to spell Tennessee. but maybe they actually -think- it rhymes with 'express'. tennesse express. ARRGH. *KILLKILLKILL* :D

Rimbo Back · 20 years ago

Hee.� I'm gonna start referring to Tennessee as "Tenesse," rhyming with "finesse."� Just to see if anyone does anything.�

A friend of mine once worked for a temp agency, and I tried to convince him to pronounce the word "resum�" as "resume" (like, to start doing something again), and only give a person the job if they started pronouncing it that way, too.

Annika Back · 20 years ago

There's a motel on Bothell way NE that has a sign which reads, "Nise rooms, good prices."� Someday I'll stop in and tell them how much it makes me want to kick someone in the head.

emilie is CRANKY Back · 20 years ago

i saw a great garage in noho, MA that said,



aagh! evol inappropriate use of quotation marks. *smites*

lawrence Back · 20 years ago
this is a pretty good "archive" of a lot of such cases. :)
Chocolate Divine Diva Back · 20 years ago
I saw this shop in a strip mall.... they had a sign in the unit they used to be in. that sign reads: "We has moved ---> to unit #2B" under the chinese. *shakes head* how sad....
Phoenix · 20 years ago
they actually -think- it rhymes with 'express'

in that case I'd suggest spelling it rather: 10 ass express ;-D
jen · 20 years ago
nothing chaps my ass more than bad spelling/grammar/contractions/punctuation. granted, i type really fast so i awlays make typos and ignore capitals and such, but thats a different thing.

when i see a sign or flyer in my city that is incorrect i make a point to be a bitch and tell them they're wrong. this fudge shop down my street has a sign that says "wedding favors" and i took out my trusty pen and inserted a U in favors. no U is fine for the US, but dammit, this is canada and if you're going to have a professional sign, SPELL IT RIGHT!!!!

what's everyone's biggest spelling/grammar peeves? mine is when people use your and you're wrong, there/their/they're, and "could of" and "should of" ... it makes me cringe.

"your a moron, no way their could of been an alien probe up you're ass!"
angelmusicmaven Back · 20 years ago

How about "to" and "too" used incorrectly... "I was to tired."� Why does this make sense to people??? This is why the world is laughing at us!!!

"Your to smart for me"


jen Back · 20 years ago

a guy i know uses, in reference to himself, �the quote: "if knowledge is power, then a god am i"

its funny because he spells knowledge wrong.

Mamalissa! Back · 20 years ago
nothing chaps my ass more than...

my new favoUrite complaint introduction!
jen Back · 20 years ago

hehe i say it lots.. i stole it from dumb and dumber. in fact, i quote a lot from that movie in every day life.

my fav part is: "oh, big gulps, huh?.... welp, see ya later!" hahaha

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