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Correcting my location...

Localized Topic: Based out of Port Jervis, New York.

poll Which pet type do you prefer?
Dogs? I like the grovelling type.
Cats? I like the independent type.
Reptiles? I like the cool, aloof type.
None...I like my freedom.
Bring it on! I like every type!
Farm animals...I am kinky. Hehehehe
Definately a geezer quiz! Get a life!
Birds? Bird flu doesn't scare me!
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   Discussion: Correcting my location...
Marylee · 18 years, 10 months ago

The site wouldn't let me list my actual city because it is so dinky and remote that it hasn't been heard of I I am listed as being from Middletown instead of Port Jervis NY...not that it one is anywhere near me anyway. Port borders the Deleware and Neversink Rivers and is on the NY side of the NJ/PA/NY tristates. Never-the-less...the Queen is here holding court.��� Just a frivelous useless fact that everyone needs to know...not!

Love ya all! Marylee��

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