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Hey N00b!

   Discussion: Hey N00b!
Wrenn · 16 years, 9 months ago
This was inspired yesterday by a person in another forum.  I can't post it there because, well,  it will just cause more problems. 

I figured some of you might appreciate it. 

As always,  apologies.... etc etc etc. 

Hey N00b, dont post it mad.
Take a small thought don't let it fester.
Forever  they'll take it out on your Nick,
Cut to the quick, so post it better.

Hey N00b, dont be afraid.
You thought lame, You can do better.
The moment you work it all through your brain,
Maybe refrain, You'll do it better.

But N00b if then you feel the shame, and you complain,
Dont bury the thread in senseless shouting.
For we'll all know the fool is you, who throws the bull
And makes our world the less by pouting.
Hey N00b, dont let me down.
You can behave, and have a friend now.
Remember we're not here out to get you,
We'll be polite too, and  all post better.

So post again and post again, hey n00b, All win,
Just looking for someone to converse with.
And don't you know we want that too, hey n00b, you'll do,
This moment is yours so take it over.

Hey N00b, dont post it mad.
Take a good thought and make it better.
Remember we're not here out to get you,
We'll be polite too, We'll all post better
Better better better better better better, oh.

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