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Rani Arbo write in campaign 2009

   Discussion: Rani Arbo write in campaign 2009
J. Andrew World · 15 years, 2 months ago
 I love Rani Arbo and daisy mayhem. They are an undiscovered gem of a band who for some reason Ann Saunders does not like. Mike Clem does. He told her. Now I am asking you to help this marvelous band out by getting them as main stage performers. 

The Sound-
They have a unique way of blending sounds that is wholly their own. Weither it is swing, gospel, folk,Irish or Appalachia, they put their own twist on it.  What's awesome, except for the bass and drums (And the few occations they whip out the electric guitar) they don't use pick ups. They also have a drummer who plays a card board box!

Their guitar player looks like Jian and Murray's love child with a similar personality and voice to the Murman!

They also play upright bass, fiddle, ukelele, banjo, and mandolin.

As far as the covers go they range from Frank Sinatra, Leonard Bernstein, Bessie Jones, and even Anne Murray!

They were at Falcon Ridge before, kinda, with some obscure band from Canada-

Before they formed, Rani Arbo and Andrew Kensey were in a band called Salamander Crossing. Back in 1997 they not only were at FRFF but shared the stage with Moxy Fruvous (Ever heard of them. Great band.) as a part of a workshop. They left for the main stage in the middle of the workshop and then Fruvous busted out the banjo saying that you can't have two banjos on stage at the same time because that would anger the banjo gods.

Please consider them for the Falcon Ridge Survey.

Here is one of my favorite songs of theirs:


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