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Photo Gallery: seqiro

melinda on my shoulder
Viewed 1643 times
portrait of melinda
Viewed 1640 times
portrait of me
Viewed 1839 times
the solemnizer and the married folk
Viewed 1835 times
cutting the cake
Viewed 1880 times
the wedding toast
Viewed 1818 times
A random street in Quebec City
Viewed 1899 times
Paul and Melinda at the frozen base of des chutes Montmorency
Viewed 1860 times
My beautiful Melinda at Fort Tryon park
Viewed 1850 times
Melinda and I on some steps at the park
Viewed 1841 times
My sweet Melinda in front of the Hudson
Viewed 1774 times
Renita at FRFF! (in spirit)
Viewed 1865 times
Melinda and I at the Cloisters, artsy
Viewed 1837 times
Me, Andrea, and Melinda at Clearwater :)
Viewed 1770 times
Melinda and I holding hands--immortalized in plaster
Viewed 1756 times
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