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Photo Gallery: randomchef

pekoe, our bigger cat
Viewed 1385 times
tetley, our little cat
Viewed 1523 times
my brain a la ms paint
Viewed 1588 times
hammock heaven, port alberni, vancouver island, 8/30/03
Viewed 1507 times
my first real west coast sunset, long beach, vancouver island, 8/30/03
Viewed 1552 times
jon and me at canada place, vancouver, 8/27/03
Viewed 1559 times
me and jon, frff, 7/26/03
Viewed 1561 times
me and jon in vancouver, 6/1/03
Viewed 1627 times
ASH, my roomie's new kitty for us! :)
Viewed 1674 times
clem&son - for shelly
Viewed 1675 times
FRFF2002: oO lai di dai, lai di dai Oo mainstage crowd lovin' dvn's i wish i were
Viewed 1633 times
FRFF2002: efo mainstage!!! "they were a song or 2 short of a set"
Viewed 1632 times
FRFF2002: lisa l, nitsa, ellen, becky, beth, and jjr in the dvn conga line! :)
Viewed 1664 times
FRFF2002: more conga line! :)
Viewed 1655 times
oldschool CTY 1995 fun...if you ARE any of these people, or KNOW any of these people, please please PLEASE frum me!!
Viewed 1629 times
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