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Photo Gallery: ShoeboxofLies

Yay for desk chairs that rock...literally!
Viewed 1448 times
Yay for smiles because college and digital cameras are fun!
Viewed 1532 times
CuteBoy...we shall meet again one day...and share our love for The Killers...
Viewed 1640 times
My best friends and I in front of the South Street sign because we are that cool.
Viewed 1607 times
No more Garnet Valley!!!
Viewed 1697 times
Komal, Me, Sonal, and favoritest people in the world
Viewed 1717 times
Yay for diplomas and saying my name right!
Viewed 1701 times
....and now
Viewed 1725 times
My older sister and I, then....
Viewed 1760 times
Me before Promness
Viewed 1796 times
This is me and my peeps right before leaving Key Largo. Absolutely beautiful.
Viewed 1775 times
My girls and I on the Monorail at Hershey Park because we are that cool and go whenever we want to.
Viewed 1660 times
I enjoy making a fool of myself in the middle of the Dell on a beautiful day. It's quite a good time. And I'm awesome at softball.
Viewed 1667 times
Making music is fun!
Viewed 1683 times
Yes! Free chair after trick-or-treating!
Viewed 1741 times
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