FruMessage Drafts

Posted by: Josh Woodward on Tue, Jul 11, 2006:

Have you ever been typing a long FruMessage, just to have your browser crash? Read on...

I've added a nifty new feature that should automatically save the FruMessages you compose every 20 100ish characters you type. It saves one unique draft for every individual user you contact, as well as one unique draft per specific message reply. It should work whether you use the HTML editor or not. It relies on Ajax, but should work as before if you don't have JavaScript enabled.

I need your help in diagnosing this. Could you all send/reply to a few messages to different people, then click over to another page, then click around until you send the message again (without using the back button, which might throw the test off)? Then let me know if the message saved correctly (the last few characters you type won't be saved).

I plan to add this feature all across Entropy if it works well, so thanks for your help!

Update: The default threshold is now 100 characters, and there's now a preferences page where you can change this (or disable it).