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Basic Information

Bradley Kerr
Username: ActionBrad
First Visit: Aug 10, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Dec 13, 2001, 1:00am
Location:Canandaigua, New York
About You:Word homies! I play the bass in a small jazz group. I discovered Moxy Fruvous a year ago listening to WBER and have become a huge fan since then. Other than Moxy Fruvous, I listen to mostly jazz and electronic music. Some of my favorite musicians/bands are Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, the Chemical Brothers, Moby, Josh Wink, Weezer, Reel Big Fish, Les Rhythmes Digitales, the Propellerheads, Dimitri from Paris, the Freestylers, Frank Sinatra, the Specials and more! I am a fun dude!

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