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Amy C. Andrews
Username: Amy
First Visit: Aug 14, 1999
Location:Guilford, Connecticut
About You:Hi! I'm a newbie that was introduced to Moxy Fruvous by Fate. About nine months ago, the name Moxy Fruvous kept popping up accidentally on my computer at work (an on-line music store), then one day I was helping the packing department scan CD barcodes into inventory. One CD would not scan-I think it was because I could not take my eyes off of the photos on the back and I wasn't paying attention. I flipped the disc over to find out that it was "Live Noise" and thought it was strange that the CD was by that band with the weird name but went on with my work. A couple minutes later another bar code would not scan and again I was intrigued with the photo on the back. It was "Bargainville" and because I am a firm believer in Fate, I bought it without even thinking. By the end of the week I was hooked and owned all of their discs!

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