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Arielle *A-Train* Pioneer
Username: Angel_Girl
First Visit: Aug 25, 2000
Last Visit: Wed, Apr 18, 2001, 8:44am
Location:Amherst, Massachusetts
About You:I love these profiles. They're as much space you want to talk all about yourself! (kind of like therapy) So here goes: I'm an actress. I do some professional work, but mostly stuff close to home, (Amherst, MA) at the performing arts high school which I attend. (PVPA) I horseback ride, play lacross and sing. I've traveled around the world, including France, Italy and Germany, blah blah blah... But whatever, all I really wanna do is act and listen to good old Moxy Fruvous! I'm a recent Fruvous fan. A 'newbie' and damn glad to be here! I like everything from Bob Marley to Herbie Hancock to Medeski, Martin and Wood. I especially adore listening to regge music. Deep Banana Blackout rocks. If you don't know them, check 'em out at Check me out on AIM, screen name: GirrlFarie, babsdoonesbury

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