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Username: BitterSweet
First Visit: Jun 28, 2003
Last Visit: Sun, Aug 24, 2003, 9:26am
About You:Well, I'm in band, and scheduled to be in the top chorus next year, so obviously I like music. And, Moxy Fruvous plays I like it. I heard them through my step-dad, 'cuz he has all of their CD's...yeah...anyway, I like them...I'll stop now...'cuz I think I got my point across that I like them...if I didn't then...I like Moxy Fruvous!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so I'm now updating my profile, and I don't feel like erasing stuff that I've already I'll continue. Heh heh, anyway, So far, the people that I've talked to are really cool, and...yeah, anyone who ever wants to talk to to me, even if it's not in here. My screen name is BitterSweet053 (incase any of you were wondering, I got BitterSweet from the song "BitterSweet" on Moxy Fruvous' album Bargainville, but most of you "Fruheads" probably figured that out...I wanna change it to "Heatseeker Boy" [from "The 'C' Album]) Well, uh...I'll stop now...again...

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