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The Consul
Username: Consul
First Visit: Jun 5, 2000
Last Visit: Sat, Jun 2, 2001, 3:04am
Location:Colorado Springs, Colorado
About You:I first learned about Moxy Fruvous from Iambe of and Doug "Sirilyan" Sheppard. Ii'm an amateur electronic musician, and I enjoy making songs with whatever I can get my hands on. Percussion instruments, old computers and disk drives, homemade instruments of various types, old synthesizers, you name it. I guess you could call me a music hacker. :o) Unfortunately, recording this in any decent quality has had to wait, but I am slowly working my way there. My main musical loves are progressive rock, classic 70's rock, classical, new age, and techno/goa trance. Otherwise, I enjoy art, Anime, creative writing, *real* science fiction, reading up on everything from physics to MySQL, and in general being a major computer and science geek. As soon as I have a new web page up, I'll announce it here. :o) Thank you for listening, and have a good day.


Just me chillin' on the couch...
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