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Andie "DandieLyon" Lyons
Username: DandieLyon
First Visit: Feb 15, 2000
Location:Denver, Colorado
About You:I should never be given an open forum to write stuff. I'll inevitably write way too much. So on to the rambling! My name is Andie, I am a good friend of "Tye-Dyed Dave" whose name I spied in a Frvous review from the Show in Denver on Oct. 30. Dave got me into Fruvous a year ago in October. We share a good friend named Andrew who is from Ontario and braught the CD back for Dave. He played it for me on Halloween of 1998 when we were driving to the second of many lame parties. I immediately fell in love! Being a singer and musician myself, it was amazing to hear four talented musicians! When I listened more closely to the lyrics and found out that these guys also had political issues, I had to borrow the CD. I ended up "borrowing" Bargainville for about two months, in which time I memorized every song on the CD. I still don't own my own Fruvous CD, which I realize is a crime in this community. But I believe I've effectively stolen "Wood" from Dave! Besides jamming to Moxy in the Car in and around Denver, I spend my time singing and trying to get through my last semester of high school. My favorite things to do are read, write, draw, and hang out with my boys. When I grow up I want to . . .damn, I don't want to grow up. Don't want to bore anyone with any more information about myself, so I'll blast now. Oh! How great is this? I've managed to improve my french merely by listening to les chansons en francais on the CD. And, I want to marry Murray.

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