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Tim (Two-Sheds) Engle
Username: DeadHead
First Visit: Aug 10, 1999
Last Visit: Sun, Jan 10, 2010, 7:30pm
Location:Montclair, New Jersey
About You:I was being berated by my family about only bringing Live Grateful Dead recordings on road trips, so I brought Live Noise on one memorable trip to Mystic, Connecticut instead. Since that time, my Lovely Wife Robin and our Unspeakable Daughter Kelsey have flung themselves (and me, I'll admit) into the world of FrüFan-dom. Really, we're perfectly normal in most other respects, but we now have this mission to turn the rest of northern NJ (and Sonoma County, California) on to the Canadian Connection. Of course, Kelsey is in love with Jian, but she's 11 years old, so she just dreams 11-year old dreams. Our older daughter Sara (19) has just been turned on to Those Canadian took a while to get her, but a trip to her first show was all it took. Of course, the wonderful personalities of the Lads and all the FruHeads she met who took her right into their circles certainly helped (thanks, folks!) I am a hobbyist musician, playing in bands, bars, and clubs since 1974. As a bass- player, I'm always looking at other players and critiquing them in the back of my mind. Murray has figured out what bass playing is all about. I love his style, and wish more players would play that way. I am also a singer, and arrange all harmonies in my band(s), and MF absolutely take the cake. If I could teach my band these harmonies, I would never leave the studio. Thanks to the many folks I've met on A-M-M-F..I hope we all link up at shows again soon. Peace, -Tim PS- I have a CD-burner and Cool-Edit Pro for music production and editing. If there are any of y'all that would like copies of shows cut to CD from tape, or re-mastering of shows, just let me know. I've been doing it for years with Grateful Dead shows, and I can do it with Frü-shows, also. Just contact me for info or questions. (There's a little selfish reason for this, also..I can start collecting shows myself, since we can't get to very many!) -T.

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