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Michael Tannacore
Username: DudeDeuce
First Visit: Aug 15, 1999
Last Visit: Sun, Aug 28, 2005, 4:16pm
Location:Bellmore, New York
About You:Moxy Fruvous, even though they are not popular around my parts, are so damn entertaining! Funny show, funny songs mixed in great music and wonderful voices. Great harmony. My first concert was at Irving Plaza on Good Friday - 4/21/2000. I watched from the upstairs and it was an amazing show. Worth all the train and subways rides to get there, definately. I also like KISS, Queen, Extreme (yeah, 2 dead bands... soon to be 3) and I just got into Queensryche. So its funny that I love Fruvous even though I'm more into hard rock/heavy metal. I'm also a student at SUNY Stony Brook. I just wish we had a student board that would actually get Fruvous to play there, because I'm jealous of Geneseo and Fredonia. They should come to my college! Hell, play in my room, I don't care!

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