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Username: Erilee
First Visit: Oct 4, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Jan 9, 2007, 4:22pm
Location:Edmonton, Alberta
About You:The debut CD from 'Nuf Sed vocal jazz, Equivocal (featuring FORM vocal jazz) has now been released! It turned out really well. ;) For details on how to order this (and hear me sing!) just send a fruM, and I'll tell you everything you need to know!!


I've been told that, if I had a TV show, this would be the theme song.
I agree. :)
Lift Me Up - The Real Group

everything i have to do will never be done
only 'cause i'm very very lazy
out of all the things to do i'll maybe do one
and i'm going very, very crazy
it's getting bad
i'm going mad
but i don't blame anybody but me
it's getting worse
it's like a curse
i need you to set me free

if you saw me sitting on the sofa all day
you would never call me energetic
what you'd think of me you wouldn't want to say
apathetic people are pathetic
i wanna stop
being a flop
but tell me why should i give it a try?
'cause I am bound
to hit the ground
and that's when you'll hear my cry.....

lift me up, i want you to lift me up
hold me up, i want you to hold me up
lift me up
there had to be a better me

people see a loser when they're looking my way
and that's a sign i'll be forever showing
but i could go from zero to a hero today
all i need is you to get me going
it's time to act
and that's a fact
i'll be a star shining in the sky
and when I do
i promise you
you won't have to hear me cry......

lift me up, i want you to lift me up
hold me up, i want you to hold me up
lift me up
there had to be a better me

i know you'll love me
until the end indeed
you're up above me
my only friendly need
you see me falling
you hear me calling
no matter when
no matter why
i know that you can make me fly......

lift me up, i want you to lift me up
hold me up, i want you to hold me up
lift me up
there had to be a better me

da *bomb- chickadee*

Support Canadian Artists! Buy the

Dusty Shoes Band

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Clearcut Cactus


Wave At Fish Trap Creek


yes, I am the SpOoN NaZi. I took the spoon away from George. *hums circus music*

I'll point out first that, whatever handle I'm using at the moment, I'm most easily recognized as Erilee. :o) What can I say? I love good music, and Fruvous definately qualifies. ;o) Ahh, to be able to travel and go to all the Fruvous shows I want....

Other musical interests? Oh, many! I'm a jazz musician (vocalist) myself, so I listen to a lot of old Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday... I also love the New York Voices and The Real Group, some of the best vocal jazz out there!

as if that isn't enough music, I also work in the music library at CKUA, the best radio station in Canada, if not the world!!!

Contact me? Why, that would be lovely. :o) MSN: [email protected] & AIM: berriesteri


***NEW*** ... and a little more sleepy....Four!Eri and her verybestest ttaM!***NEW*** ...and a touch out of focus.
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