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Username: FruBudgie
First Visit: Oct 5, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Aug 28, 2002, 8:30pm
Location:Des Moines, Iowa
About You:Ask me if I'm a truck. Okay, now that I've made Lawrence S. happy, I'll get on with the rest of my profile. :-)
Heyheyhey! Fruvous rules! Besides being friendly to the frufolk (and various others, of course) I enjoy basketball, playing my tenor saxophone, the theatresports, and various fabulously craptaculous adventurous tactical espionage exploits. Oh, and in the time after that I write stuff; especially short, intentionally bad b movies...My latest achievement (a combined effort with some friends) is Little Red Riding Hood, the Movie, an improv piece done entirely in slow motion; complete with exclusive behind-the- scenes interviews with its star-studded if you want your name immortalized in poorly done cinema, email me, or my "badass sex machine homie" (as her/his person desires to be called today) LaRue @ Now that you've reached the pot of gold at the end of this wildly enjoyable (at least for me) rainbow, your next mission is to:

1) Preach the Fruvous word to your friends, acquaintances, coworkers, and family pets.

2) Become a member of the proud allegiance of KatFans(tm)!

3) Instant Message me, (my screenname is Phruhead), (or email me, if you dislike being associated with AOL) or even, perhaps, frumessage me for further instructions.


Jian in a chef's hat. It's a long story, so just enjoy the pictures.Nothin' like a hat and a spoon to get the old gray matter movin'.Me and my brother David when we were little. Doncha just love his eyes?Groovin' with the kitchen gear...
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