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Alex Blouin
Username: FruFreak
First Visit: Dec 5, 2000
Last Visit: Tue, Dec 5, 2000, 5:03am
About You:Hi! I'm origionally from Tempe AZ but have recently moved to Springfiels Missouri for college. I spent 2 years in Oakville Ontario, very close to Toronto, and a Fru obsession was born. No one in Springfield has ever heard of the lads - so I'm busy spreading the Fru word!My favorite song is Fell In Love.I'm a Musical Theatre major and fully intend to take on the world!If I were at a Fru show you would probably catch me stage Murray - but I couldnt pick a favorite lad. I also enjoy The Bobs, Great Big Sea, and The Brown Derbies.I'm currently playing Magenta in the Rocky Horror Show, but don't worry, that dosn't make me scary. Live every day as if your ass was on fire!!!

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