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Ben McFarlane
Username: Frumilkman
First Visit: Dec 19, 2000
Last Visit: Tue, Dec 19, 2000, 2:52am
About You:Don't ask me why I chose Frumilkman as a username. But it is cool, don't you think? I first got into Fruvous in 1992. THey had just released a privately produced tape in Toronto. My uncle heard 'My Baby Loves A Bunch of Authors' On the CBC in Nova Scotia and got his buddy to get a tape. My sister got it from my uncle and played me 'Green Eggs and Ham'. Ever since then Moxy Fruvous has been a part of my life. I saw my first show in Fredericton Shortly after Bargainville was released. I bought Bargainville in 1994. In addition to being a Fruhead, I play the drums in a band. We don't cover any Fruvous songs, but I think I'm going to get out from behind the drumkit one of these days and sing a few myself with a guitar and have the guys back me up. The best Fruvous show I have ever seen was at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. There were only about a hundred people there. I wanted to stay to meet the guys but We had a 4 hour drive home. Anyways if any of you other fruheads want to email me, that would be great. Especially if you live nearby. We could go out for a brewski.


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