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Basic Information

Username: Goob
First Visit: Dec 5, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Feb 13, 2003, 10:31pm
About You:I am not actually a cow.
I am Melanie the Naked Goob.

Due to popular demand, here is the "Goob Story"

. Once upon a time, when I was twelve years old, my ten year old sister came running into my room to tell me something important. Important to a ten year old, that is. We got distracted anyway because this is what happened: That summer, she had gotten into two habits. One, she chewed on ice. Two, she called everyone "Dude." The mixture of the two, as she burst into my bedroom, was "Goob." We both fell apart laughing. She decided at that point that "Goob" would be the perfect nickname for me.
. Actually,this nickname didn't really catch on until years later, in spring of 1997. An X-boyfriend of mine picked it up, and besides just calling me "Goob," he turned the word into a verb, an adjective, a noun, and whatever other use he could find.
. The word "goob" took on a whole bunch of new meanings, basically boiling down to: anything that Goob would do or say; anything that is inherently Goob.
. For three years I drove a car with the license plate "GOOOB." Email and handles are all Goob. I like the name Melanie; in fact, I love it. But Goob is uniquely Goob.



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