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Marla Thornes
Username: HShoe
First Visit: Sep 6, 1999
Last Visit: Tue, Sep 19, 2000, 9:52pm
About You:Aloha. Yes. Hey. I would try to avoid this but i dont know how to work my homepage so i'll spare yo u! We'll Im totally obsesed with Moxy Fruvous a non stalker fashion of course...Well to TRY and be individual, i enjoy sports...not watching, playing i can't STAND watching sporting events. fans are annoying! I like to read Patricia Cornwell Novels and I like to rent movies frequently...Besides the stuff that makes it sound like i have NO life...I like to really go out with my freinds and have good time. I am so very all about going places and being outright goofy in public! I like to watch other people make fools of themselves too...On stage..I would someday like to be a fool up there too...Well nice To have a reader, TA dahlings....Until next episode!

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