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Username: Jae
First Visit: Aug 28, 2000
Last Visit: Sun, Dec 15, 2002, 7:25pm
About You:Wow... I really do need to update this more often. Let's see... I'm Music Council President now! Woohooo! And going to the Ottawa folk fest... Mariposa was wonderful. La! La, la la la la la! La la la la la? La! Kate Rusby is amazing!!!! Other miscellaneous information unrelated to previous paragraphs: Yay Moxy Fruvous and Frucon! I collect quotations, so if you have any neat ones, feel free to pass them on to me! Oscar Wilde is cool. So is Shakespeare. Orson Scott Card is wonderful, go read Ender's Game! All of you!! I read far too much. The Wheel of Time series is nifty-neato-peachy-keen! Centreville is an unhappy place. I am far too involved in choirs. =0) And singing in general, actually. That's enough for now, I suppose. It just needed to be changed. * nods*

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