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Basic Information

Jill Hufnagel
Username: Jiel
First Visit: Aug 12, 1999
Last Visit: Sun, Jan 6, 2002, 8:54pm
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
About You:Hey well about Jiel. I'm originally from Buffalo, NY. However I now reside in Pittsburgh while I attend the Art Institute as a Photography major. I got into Fruvous years ago when the Indy tape came out and my uncle got one for the first born in each family. I unfortunately am # two...however still the most devoted of the family. I have been with them ever since. I aspire to someday to Photograph professionally for Fruvous. And eventually for other bands and events. Along with doing some Commercial Photography. I'm presently working on a web page to show who I am and what I do...So watch in the future to learn more about me...Jiel!!!

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