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Jon Morgan
Username: JonMorgan
First Visit: Apr 11, 2000
Last Visit: Fri, Feb 14, 2003, 11:53pm
Location:Washington, District of Columbia
About You:I was introduced to Fruvous through a friend of a friend at Oberlin College. Their CDs sounded OK, but the 10/99 concert in Portland, OR was awesome!! Now I kick myself for missing their concert on my campus when I was a junior at Ohio Wesleyan University. My primary interest is politics & government. Because it's a bunch of corrupt, scandalous whores out to promote themselves and screw the country? No. Bill Bradley was right when he said politics is broken. People are understandably cynical because we have terrible corruption and lack of leadership. But most politicians aren't as bad as you think (it'd be hard to find anyone that bad). Paul Wellstone, my very favourite American politician today, is right in his idealist pronouncement that politics is--first and foremost--about improving peoples' lives. I see politics as the means by which we eradicate poverty, hunger, sexism, heterosexism, racism, ignorance, violence, and probably any other injustice you can think of. It's true we're in tough times right now but that's no reason to give up on these goals or politics as the means to them. In 15 or 20 years things will look brighter. (Yes, I'm an idealistic 23) Other interests: comedy (see Firesign Theatre link), writing, cooking, reading, traveling, (can i put cat-lover here?) Other music I like: (hardly exhaustive) Simon & Garfunkel (still my favourite after all these years) Crosby, Stills, Nash and sometimes Young, Joni Mitchell, Peter, Paul and Mary, The Weavers, Bob Dylan, Moody Blues, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Jethro Tull, Chicago, Tracy Chapman (*my only other overture to the 90s), Weather Report, Aaron Copland, and still discovering much more! Other comedy I Like: Monty Python, Weird Al, Blackadder, Lenny Bruce, Ernie Kovacs, Saturday Night Live (late 70s, followed by late 80s), The Onion (I assume everyone reads this already), National Lampoon, Drew Carey Oh, I should give you some clue as to who the hell I am. When people meet me they often think I'm Hispanic, Middle Eastern, or Asian. But I'm not. I'm Ohioan (and proud of it!). I graduated college last spring and moved to Seattle to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Once I did that, I moved to Washington, DC to save the world, which I do at my job at People For the American Way. PFAW is a liberal non-profit constitutional liberties organization. No, we're not the ACLU. In layterms, we check the Religious Right. Mostly social/cultural issues. I think that's enough for now. And now, FORWARD: Into the Past!

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