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Basic Information

Karen Sero
Username: KPiglet
First Visit: Feb 3, 2000
Last Visit: Sun, Aug 11, 2002, 9:44pm
Location:Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
About You:I've been a Fruhead for a few years thanks to the overbearing influence of a few close friends (Mikey Sprout and you guys!). I can't help but be addicted! Favorite Fru: Jian (what a sweetie!) Favorite song: it's gotta be "Lazy Boy" (although I'm partial to Green Eggs and Ham too.) Favorite CD: hmmm...I'd have to say "Bargainville." Anything else interesting about me....well...besides Moxy Fruvous, my other fav. music includes Tori Amos (my goddess), Dave Matthews and Alicia Keys. I am an Account Executive for an advertising agency here in the Burg' ( is NOT like Who's the Boss) and my favorite passtimes are singing, writing poetry and impersonating Charlie's Angels (the 70's version...not the 00's!) Favorite food: The Pittsburgh famous Primanti Bros. Steak and Cheese sandwich with fries and cole slaw. For anyone who has never been to Pittsburgh...they are awesome!


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